Growfeed Protein

Improves daily weight gains, enhances meat quality, strengthens native immunity ! Growfeed

Protein feed additives using animal blood

The need for recycling of animal blood from slaughterhouse

  • Animal blood from slaughterhouse is a cause of environmental contamination and a major contributor to the cost
  • The disposal of animal blood and by-products from slaughterhouse will involve the heavy expenses
  • More investment on wastewater treatment facilities is required by intensified environment standards
  • The operation of slaughterhouse will be difficult due to more investment on wastewater treatment facilities

Cost of wastewater treatment in a LPC (Livestock Processing Complex)

Division Slaughtered heads Blood (ton) Cost of wastewater treatment
Annual cost Cost per 1 ton
Pig 244,300 611 US$250,802 US$410
Cattle 3,200 22 US$9,198 US$418

The need for disposal of animal blood

  • London Dumping Convention : Convention on the prevention of marine pollution by dumping of wastes and other matters. (since 2013)
  • Research and development on mass use of animal blood is badly needed.
  • Studies on feed stuff using hot-air dried blood were reported but there is no study on feed stuff using spray dried blood.
  • Animal blood is high in protein and has a good possibility to be used as additives for formula feed and fish feed.

Actual condition of blood treatment in slaughter house

Photo of Growfeed Protein

Product features

  • Protein-coated in the surface of granule.
  • Creates air pocket inside granule.
  • Contains less than 2% of moisture enabling long –term storage.
  • Improve taste of livestock and fish.
  • Odorless in the stage of production and complete products.

Creative technique for processing of animal blood

  • Technology of Air pocket formation

    Mix organic (blood) and mineral (Macsumsuk) in the ration of 3.8 to 6.2 by activated sludge process and input them in the manufacturing device for granule. Air pocket is formed inside the ring shape as result of instant expansion of granular particle and moisture evaporation by 200ºC ~250ºC of internal heat.

  • Coating technology in the surface of granule

    Granular Surface of Protein substance (blood) is instantly coated through the process of spray drier by 200ºC ~250ºC of internal heat.

Trial test from Gyeongsangbuk-do Livestock Technology Reseach Center