Improves daily weight gains, enhances meat quality, strengthens native immunity ! Growfeed

증체육향상, 육질개선 및 천연면연력 증강! 그로피드


Since its foundation in 1986, Macsumsuk GM has been fortifying its position as a leader in the domestic and overseas markets with leading technologies and excellent product quality, beginning with the development of Macsumsuk mine in 1987. Thanks to the customers' trust, we have been doubling our competitiveness and have been actively exporting our products (toxin binder, feed additives for immune-boosting) to Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Pakistan, etc. based on our technological skills.

Macsumsuk GM based on secure raw material from a self-owned 2.23 million sqm of Macsumsuk mine opened 167 places of "Macusumsuk far infrared room" nationwide in 1998 and operated 150 pieces of professional dealers nationwide in 2000. There are approximately 250 places of health boost centers in operation at the end of 2015 and we strive to become the world's top brand by maximizing management effectiveness through the total system buildup of research, technology development, production, sales distribution.

Now, we produce a variety of products through seven affiliates. Each plant with state-of-the-art automated facilities that have professional staff in place, produce functional beds, medical appliances, dairy products close to our life, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, construction, housing, environment, water purifier, textile products as well as feed additives through constant reseach and development.

Macsumsuk GM with accumulated 30 years of know-how and technological skills has 250 cases of industrial property rights (intellectual property rights), utility models, patents and is certified ISO9001 (health care, new material, clean environment), Korea's first international GMP/ISO2001 (feed additive), USA FCC, European CC mark, KETI and appointed as a excellent technology company, venture company, super firm for technological competitiveness, company for performing the project of national R&D, "Prize" for export common brand, military duty company as exception, technical innovation company, national honor company, patent star company and registered in the US FDA,

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