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연혁 연혁 연혁 연혁 연혁 연혁 연혁 연혁
Company History
2016 Present
- Registered "Macsumsuk" trade mark in China
- Awarded the “Grand Prize” for the 2010 Korean Economic Leaders Competition in the category of Customer Satisfaction Management(Joongang Newspaper / the Ministry of Knowledge Ecomomy)
- Designated as a technology innovation company (INNO-BIZ)
- Appointed as president of Daegu Daeryun Middle and High School Alumni Association
- Developed a new product, E.G. Power (toxin binder) using fired materials - Import substitution effect
- Signed a MOU with Gyeongbook convention of Korea Agriculture CEO Association
- Appointed as a star company for patent by the Patent Office
- Appeared as "Creation of myth about far infrared industry" on Korea Economic - TV (WOW)
- Supply "Nonghyup" (State owned Feedstuff company) with Feed additives (Macsumsuk E.G Power Mineral)
- Participated in "VICTAM" (Thailand / Bangkok International Livestock Fair)
- Confirmed as a supporting program by Gyeongsangbuk-do provincial government with feed additives
- Installed health boost rooms in Gyeongsan and Cheongdo Seniors Welfare Centers
- Installed healthy ondol rooms (floor heating system) in Goryeong Welfare Centers (7 centers)
- Participated in International Ceramic Fair (China / Guangzhou)
- Installed healthy ondol rooms (floor heating system) in Miryang, Cheongsong and Gyeongju Welfare Centers (18 centers)
- Signed a MOU between Korea National Open University and Palgongsan Macsumsuk Youth Hostel
- Participated in International Supermarket Distribution Fair (Japan / Tokyo)
- Established Palgongsan Macsumsuk Youth Hostel Training Center
- Participated in "Euro Tier" (Germany / Hannover International Livestock Fair)
- Participated in "IPPE" (USA / Atlanta International Livestock Fair)
- Participated in "VIV" (Thailand / Bangkok International Livestock Fair)
- Participated in International Livestock Fair (China / Xian, Shaanxi)
- Opened 150 places of Macsumsuk "HIGH-LOW wellbeing room" (Floor heating system) in Gyeongsangbuk-do Province
- Participated in "VIV" Turkey International Livestock Fair
- Participated in "ILDEX" Myanmar International Livestock Fair
- Certified ISO22000 (Feed additives) - Korea's first ever
- Certified GMP (Feed and Feed additives)
- Registered a joint patent with Gyeongbuk provincial government and Gyeongbuk Livestock Research Institute
- (Manufacturing method of feed additive mixed with Macsumsuk and herbs)
- Participated in "VICTAM" (Thailand / Bangkok International Livestock Fair)
- Registered "Granule" design in 27 European countries (Feed additives)
- Registered "Granule" design in China (Feed additives)
- Applied for registration of "Granule" design in USA, Vietnam, Thailand (Feed additives)
- Registered a patent for "Manufacturing method of organic coating granule using animal blood as additives for fish feed and formular feed"
- (no. 10-2014-0110814) / Applied for international patent
- Conducted a feeding experiment using animal blood
- "Agreed exclusive distributorship (the Philippines)"
- Signed "Letter of Purchase Intent" for protein Feed additives using animal blood with companies in Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Pakistan.
- Received quality test report of byproduct fertillizer from Gyeongbuk National University
- Received analysis certificate of protein feed from Institute of Agricultural Science in Chungnam National University
- Participated in MBC Construction EXPO (SETEC, Seoul)
- Installed “Macsumsuk sauna room” in the new office building of Gyeongsangbuk-do provincial government
- Installed “Wellion Pad” (A material for blocking water vein wave) to Seohan Engineering & Construction
- Advertising Macsumsuk products on KBS WORLD in 100 countries
- Advertising Macsumsuk products in TV program, “Golden Pond” on KBS 1TV
- Participated in "ILDEX" Vietnam International Livestock Fair
- Participated in "VIV" (China / Beijing International Livestock Fair)
- Participated in International Livestock Fair (China / Nanjing)
- "Agreed exclusive distributorship (Bangladesh)"
- Agreed exclusive distributorship (Bangladesh and Malaysia)
- Selected as a company for “Factory new community movement” by Gyeongbuk Center for Creative Economy & Innovation
- Published CEO, Sung Gun, Kwak’s autobiography titled “Creating gold out of stone”
- Advertising Macsumsuk products on Arirang TV in 100 countries world wide
- Participated in “AgriLivestock” (Cambodia / Phnum Penh International Livestock Fair)
- Participated in “AgriTech” (India / Bangalore International Livestock Fair)
- Received the “Grand Prize” for Korean Innovation Entrepreneur Award in the category of far infrared radiation
- Certified International “HACCP” (Wellion salt)
- Participated in “ILDEX” (Indonesia / Jakarta International Livestock Fair)
- Awarded the “Grand Prize” for the 2017 Korean Top Leaders Competition in the category of national health promotion
- Participated in “AgriTech” (Myanmar / Yangon International Livestock Fair)
연혁 연혁 연혁 연혁 연혁
Company History
Development / Growth
- Appointed as a super firm for technological competitiveness by the Small and Medium Business Administration
- Chosen as a New Intellectual
- Signed an export contract of “HIGH-LOW System” (in Nagano, Japan)
- Received the Presidential Small and Medium Business Special Chairman's Award at the National Small and Medium Business Competition
- Certified ISO9001 (Medical, New material, Clean environment)
- Published "Theory and its practical applications of far infrared radiation" (Co-authors : Kwak Sung-Gun, Sang Hee-Sun)
- Designated as a Venture company by the Small and Medium Business Administration
- Exported "Far infrared radiation device" (HIGH-LOW System) to Nagano, Japan
- Designated as a New Intellectual Company by the Small and Medium Business Administration
- Received the Gyeongbuk National Governor's Award at the Gyeongbuk Small and Medium Business Competition
- Awarded a "Korea amazing superb technique" by the Seoul Economic Daily
- Opened a distribution center and a company-affiliated R&D center in the 2nd Gyeongsan Industrial Complex
- Featured in “Exploring the World through 6mm” (the Golden Age of Stone) on MBC TV
- Selected as one of Korea top 10 leading small and medium businesses
- Selected as one of power brand in the 21st century in the field of far infrared bio industry (JoongAng Ilbo)
- Awarded a "Korea Technology Innovation"
- Received the Grand Award for Venture Korea - Venture Total Companies
- Awarded the “Grand Prize” for Proud Korean Entrepreneurs
- Awarded a "Global Innovative Company" from the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy
- Awarded a "Sincere tax payer" in Day of Tax (the Prize of Deputy PM and Ministry of Finance and Economy)
- Awarded the "Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit" in Korea Invention Day
- Registered “Macsumsuk thermal medical appliances” and “Individual thermal products” in the U.S. FDA
- Licensed for manufacturing and sales of medical appliances in China (Qingdao Macyeokang Medical Appliances Limited
- Certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice relevant to manufacturing and safety of medicine) by Korea Food and Drug Administration
- Selected as a Korea Mid-sized Business by the Korea Mid-size Companies Association
- Sponsored the Mongolian International Friendship Marathon / Received the Order of Sports Merit from Mongolian government
- Selected as "Pride" for export common brand by Gyeongbuk provincial government
- Featured in "Power Medium-sized Enterprise in the South Korean Far infrared radiation Industry" (Company tour) on UBS TV in Mogolia
- Awarded a Prize from Minister of Knowledge and Economy in the 36th Day of Commerce and Industry
- Selected as a innovation leader leading Korea (Medical sector)
Company History
1986 - 1999
- Opened Hwaseong Corporation (Simam-dong, Daegu)
- Developed “Macsumsuk” mine (2.23 million sqm)
- Established Hwaseong Corporation (8,264 sqm, floor space 1,421 sqm)
- Developed carrier and system for purification and reuse of waste water
- Established a factory for firing and granular forming in Gyeongju (11,900 sqm, floor space 1,785 sqm)
- Developed a manufacturing technique for bio ceramic porous plate
- Registered a patent for kitchen goods with built-in bio ceramics
- Selected as a promising Small and Midium Business
- Designated as a company with high-tech skills
- Selected as a company for performing the project of national R&D (Far infrared radiation)
- Registered a invention patent for Macsumsuk Bio Paint
- Developed a manufacturing technique for PE film mixed with magnetic bio ceramics (Far infrared radiation)
- Developed a manufacturing technique for Asphalt Concrete mixed with bio ceramics (High emission of far infrared radiation)
- Selected as a company for performing the Gyeongbuk Techno Project (Developed a thermal medical appliance all over the body)
- Opened 167 places of "Macusumsuk far infrared room" nationwide (Operated 150 pieces of professional dealers nationwide)
- Developed a Bio-Ceramic Media for the treatment of biological waste water
- Acknowledged as a company-affiliated R&D center by Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association