Growfeed Clean

Excellent effects for the price, Import-substituting effect

  • Greatly reduce ammonia gas in shed.
  • Provides pleasant shed environment by absorbing moisture.
  • Strengthens the immune system by absorbing fungi spores and larvae.
  • Made of natural mineral, harmless to livestock and human.
  • Adjusts relative humidity by lowering humidity.
  • Reduces young livestock's mortality.

Dosage and effect of Growfeed Clean

Classification Time of use Standard dosage Effects
Broiler house Before putting broilers in beds and before changing into late feed. 160g/㎡
Reduces ammonia gas by more than 80% within 24 hours after spraying.
Removes the cause of disease by lowering humidity.
Cattle shed Spray evenly over the cattle shed and intensively in moistful area. 160g/㎡
Provides pleasant shed environment in the cattle shed.
Reduces ammonia gas by more than 80%.
Removes larvae such as fly and mosquitoes.
Piggery Spray evenly in and around the piggery.
Harmless to the pig skin.
Excellent effects in reducing ammonia gas in the piggery.
Removes the cause of disease by absorbing moisture.
Prevents skin diseases by spraying over pigs.


  • 20kg/package
  • Go to Experiment data for the detailed product information.

Statement of accounts for environment improvement in the farms (Gumi / Seonsan in Geongbuk province)

Company name Product name Nos. of farms Nos. of bag Nos. of bag Total (100%) Government expense (60%) Company expense (40%)
B PLT 6 135 - US$4,050 US$2,430 US$1,620
MacsumsukGM Growfeed Clean 13 - 265 US$7,950 US$4,770 US$3,180
Total - - - - US$12,000 US$7,200 US$4,800

An experiment on ammonia-absorbing effect in hen house

  • Farmer : ChangHong Nam (Seonsan in Geongbuk province)
  • Product : Anti-ammonia dusting powder (Growfeed Clean)
  • Dosage : 160g per sqm in broiler house
  • Test method : Measured ammonia gas density at the height of broiler's beak
Classification Area(㎡) Dosage Heads Before spraying 60min. later Reduction rate (%)
Broiler house 500 80kg 13,000 70ppm 18.9ppm 73%

Product Analysis Data / Analysis of ammonia-absorbing effect

  • Sample : Growfeed Clean, Test group (Germany), Test group (Korea), Test group (Denmark)
  • Test method :

    1 ) 5g of each test sample is mixed with 100ml of each distilled water.

    2 ) Inject 25ppm of ammonia into each sample and seal the flask.

    3 ) Ammonia concentration is measured after 30 minutes.

Analysis of test result

Name of sample Growfeed Clean Test group (Germany) Test group (Korea) Test group (Denmark)
After 30 minutes 3PPM 8PPM 7PPM 23PPM
Reduction rate (%) 88% 68% 72% 8%

Test report for deodorization of ammonia

암모니아탈취 시험성적서 1
암모니아탈취 시험성적서 2

Test report for deodorization of trimethylamine

트라이 메틸아민 탈취 효과 시험성적서